Culture of Aging Project Details


Goal: Create a proposal for a program to increase local seniors' use of technology as a pathway to access information and resources.

Action Steps:

  • Research and create a report on the state of existing tech resources for seniors
  • Identify potential sources of funding, which could include partnerships with local businesses/non-profits.
  • Develop and conduct a survey or other method to understand, from seniors’ perspective, what leads to the underutilization of technology.
  • Develop a list of recommended programs that would a) address the problem(s) and b) appeal to and and be utilized by seniors.

Project: Video Storytelling

Goal:  Increase exposure among multiple generations in Larimer County to personal experiences of aging through videotaped interviews with local seniors. 

Action Steps:

  • Identify and recruit community partners with an interest in developing a video project
  • Develop budget
  • Define story parameters
  • Create Assessment plan to measure outcome
  • Recruit and train interviewers and interviewees 
  • Recruit videographers
  • Address Logistics - venues, equipment, scheduling, editing
  • Design a PR strategy
  • Produce interviews and publish on YouTube

Project:  Film Series

Goal:  To reduce ageism by exploring images and biases of aging through the medium of commercial films.

Action Steps:

  • Identify and recruit community partners with an interest in developing a film project;
  •  Identify target audiences;
  •  Choose 3-5 commercial films; 
  • Secure venue(s)- ADA accessible and with hearing assistance;
  • Develop advertising campaign;
  • Develop a project budget;
  • Identify resources needed;
  • Recruit discussion facilitators;
  • Develop a showing schedule; 
  • Design and test a demonstration project with 3-5 films
  • Assess the outcome and publish recommendations for an ongoing program.

Project:  Life Enrichment

Goal: Improve access to information about life-enrichment options

Action Steps:

  • Survey / scan of existing life-enrichment options
  • Recruit interested stakeholders
  • Gather interested parties for a stakeholder meeting
  • Design/develop a plan to implement a life-enrichment options event and database
  • Implement the event and database
  • Survey at event and 90-day post event

Project:  Older Worker Event

Goal:  To organize a one- or half-day event that will bring together local businesses to discuss employment practices related to workers age 55+. 

Action Steps:

  • Identify specific target audience
  • Develop a PR plan to attract target audience
  • Identify and connect with potential event sponsors
  • Work with the Larimer County Workforce Center and  CSU Center for Public Deliberation to develop an agenda and format
  • Address event logistics - venue, time, food, registration, etc.
  • Develop a budget
  • Recruit volunteers to help with logistical details