Project:  Business and the Older Worker Event

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Problem to be Solved:

Older, experienced workers are having a difficult time finding  employment in Larimer County.

How would successful resolution affect the local community?

While many individuals are looking for work to supplement inadequate retirement incomes, others are hoping to pursue second careers that provide meaningful occupation. For older workers, having job opportunities will improve their standard of living , decrease financial stress, support meaningful activity and a sense of worth to the community. Employers stand to benefit from the unique contributions of the older worker including maturity, reliability, acquired skills and experience, and flexibility. The community benefits from an increased tax base, fewer seniors needing public assistance, increased consumer spending, and a healthier, happier population of older adults actively connected to their community.

What will be acceptable outcomes for the team in addressing the problem?

  • An event to be held in 2018 that will bring local employers together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of hiring workers age 55+ 
  • Data collected from the event regarding business attitudes toward and conceptions about older workers
  •  Specific data-based proposals to overcome local barriers to employment
  • Employer commitment to continue exploring paths to employment opportunities 

What Volunteer Qualifications are needed?

In addition to a positive attitude and an ability to work as part of a team, several types of skill and experience will be useful to this project;

  • Personal experience as an older worker
  • Experience as an employer of older workers
  • Connections to current or potential employers of older workers
  • Event Planning
  • Data collection and  management
  • Meeting logistics - scheduling meeting times, setting agendas, taking and delivering minutes, etc.
  • Sponsor recruitment

Training and Support: 

This team will be supported by the PAFC priority committee working on the Culture of Aging issues. A member of the priority group will serve as liaison between the team and the PAFC. Mike Kohler of the Larimer County WorkForce will participate in this capacity. The priority group provides oversight, counsel, support, and resources needed to plan and produce the event. Once the team is established there will be an initial training that covers project expectations and team process. A volunteer coordinator will be available throughout the project to address issues rising within the team itself. 

We have posted a tentative action plan for this and other projects.  If you are interested in volunteering for this or any of our new projects or if you simply want more information, visit our volunteer page.