Project:  Film Series


Problem to be solved

To reduce ageism by exploring the  positive and negative images of aging as presented through the medium of film.  Encourage socio-economic diversity among audiences.  

 How successful resolution will affect the local community?

Audience members will become more aware of ageism in their experiences with the local community.  Awareness will stimulate reduction of ageism.  

What will be acceptable outcome/s for the team in addressing the problem?

Specific recommendations will be provided for an ongoing film project exploring images of aging.  Surveys immediately after film discussion (and future online surveys) will indicate changes in awareness/attitudes.   More socioeconomically diverse audiences will be attracted.  All of these will serve as bases for funding requests to interested parties. 

What volunteer qualifications are needed?   

  • Knowledge of relevant and available films
  • Publicity/marketing experience
  • Cultural sensitivity to aging 
  • Experience with discussion facilitation
  • Film tech experience

Training and Support:

This team will be supported by the PAFC priority committee working on the Culture of Aging issues. A member of the priority group will serve as liaison between the team and the PAFC.  The priority group provides oversight, counsel, support, and resources needed to plan and produce the event. Once the team is established there will be an initial training that covers project expectations and team process. A volunteer coordinator will be available throughout the project to address issues rising within the team itself. 

We have posted a tentative action plan for this and other projects. If you are interested in volunteering for this or any of our new projects or if you simply want more information, visit our volunteer page.