The Intergenerational Conversation Project

Click  here  for more photos of the first event.

Click here for more photos of the first event.


It all started when…

The Partnership for Age-Friendly Communities (PAFC) partnered with the Loveland Housing Authority, I Love Loveland, CSU Center for Public Deliberation (CPD), an enthused Loveland high school student and a faculty advisor to develop a series of topic-driven roundtable conversations between local students and older adults. 

 On Saturday, February 23, the first Intergenerational  Conversations event was held at the Mirasol Event Center in Loveland.  Thirty-six local residents - older adults and youth - gathered around in small groups  to share their personal values and outlooks on life. Students from CPD facilitated the discussions. 

The partnership team developed this project to bring together these two generations to discuss issues of mutual interest.  Their goal is to create an opportunity to broaden perspectives by exploring ideas from the points of view of younger and older members of the community.  Conversations were animated and participants from both generations provided positive feedback about the experience.

A second conversation was held Saturday morning, April 6, 9am-11am at the Loveland High School. The topic was “The Intergenerational Digital Divide”, an exploration of how different generations are impacted by the application of smart phones and other technological devices in our lives. A third conversation is now scheduled for Saturday, August 3. Click here for details.

There is no charge for attending, but registration is required You can link to the online registration from or call Jody Shadduck-Mcnally at 970.461.7736 for more information.