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Problem to be Solved

Why do many older adults find themselves unable to stay relevant in a stressful changing world? Some lack knowledge concerning positive life outlook during aging. Many are dealing with loss of identity; feeling unwanted and not needed and, in general, overwhelmed by life changes.

How will successful resolution will affect the local community?  

New opportunities might emerge for older adults to have more fun during aging and engage in activities which make them feel a stronger sense of self-worth and respect in their lives. With new opportunities, seniors may become more engaged and contributing to our community.

There may be a decrease in ageism - negative attitudes about aging in themselves and other seniors.

What will be acceptable outcomes for the team in addressing the problem?

Conduct a few small focus groups to generate thoughtful discussion and provide guidance to older adults for feeling that their lives are purposeful and important, that their insights and opinions matter and that they are worthy of respect from friends, family and community.

What Volunteer Qualifications are needed?

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Technical knowledge of subject matter.
  • Need for professional facilitator.

Training and Support:

This team will be supported by the PAFC priority committee working on the Health and Wellness issues. A member of the priority group will serve as liaison between the team and the PAFC.  The priority group provides oversight, counsel, support, and resources needed to plan and produce the event. Once the team is established there will be an initial training that covers project expectations and team process. A volunteer coordinator will be available throughout the project to address issues rising within the team itself. 

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