Moving makes you wiser - by Judy Werner

Moving makes you wiser.  Now that the last box has been emptied, we have a few minutes to reflect on the moving experience and all it entails for the aging population.
An enormous amount of emotions have been encountered by both of us. 

Oh, the good-byes were painful.   I planned on going back to the independent living facility after a month or two.  However, it has only beena few days and I decided to make a quick phone call to tell a dear friend how much I already missed her and her husband. 

Within few moments, she let me know how much things have deteriorated since our move.  The dreaded rent increase letter has been received with rates increasing 3.5% monthly.  Also,  the hot water has been sporadic in working dependably.  They have had to heat their water or wait for their much desired showers.  So their feelings of frustration and unimportance have heightened. 

As far as our new apartment, it has been a source of joy and frustration.  I can't figure out who designs these places or what they were thinking at the time.  The ceilings are 9 ft. high.  I surmise to make them more soundproof.  However, this means the cabinets are hung very high.  They don't seem to believe in shelves in lower cabinets or under cabinet lights over the sink either.  The shower headisso high, it could easily water the jolly green giant.   Yet, there are times when we honestly feel like it is
a wonderful gift with new appliances, granite countertops, and even a nifty, electric fireplace which creates heat and/or sets a mood.

I see the relief on my husband's face now that we can save some portion of our retirement income instead of tremendously straining our funds.  I wonder if this is how teenagers feelas they leave the safety and comfort of their family's home to venture out on their own.  I will never regret our decision to go into Independent living,  we've learned so much about an age group we knew little about.  I think we also learned so much about each other.