Obituary for Barley -by Fran Green

Barley- Sandy Lips.jpeg

Barley was born on August 23, 2005, in Chesterfield, Virginia, and died on April 1, 2019, at Moore Animal Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Barley was 100% dachshund, black and tan, and was half wire-haired and half smooth coat.  He was adopted by Fran and Bob Green in November 2005 and spent his first week at their home in Richmond, Virginia.  A week later he moved with them to Corolla, North Carolina.  

As a puppy, Barley loved annoying his older “brother” Bagel by biting his leg and tail.  While Barley loved living at the beach he did not like to go near the ocean.  Particularly frightening to him was the red fire hydrant on the path to the beach.

In 2013 Barley moved to Fort Collins. He loved treats, was extremely stubborn and ate all sorts of wrong things:  rugs, particularly oriental ones, jockey underwear, Levi jeans, cell phone, CDs, wallet, dead worms and bunny scat.  Barley loved to travel in his crate and crossed from NC to Colorado several times.  He retained a stubborn streak all of his years and enjoyed exercising his vocal chords.

His doggie friends Cody, Gus, Mimi, Blackberri and Tutu will miss him as will his owners and their friends and neighbors.  He his ashes will join those of Biscuit and Bagel.

After reading his obituary, one of our friends wrote about the time they visited us and we went to a wildlife center in North Carolina.  She left her grey jacket on the back seat where Barley was.  When we came out, he was nowhere to be found...until we noticed that the sleeve of her jacket was moving.  He had crawled inside the sleeve and was stuck there with just his nose and beard sticking out of the cuff.  It looked like a seal in the back seat.  Adorable.

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Fran Green grew up in western Virginia, graduated from The College of William and Mary and followed a career path into retail buying and management. She and her husband Bob moved to Fort Collins in 2013 to be closer to their son and his family, including 3 granddaughters. She and Bob have always been dog people. She is also a goat person, a musician and, when she finds the time, she writes.