Health and Wellness Priority Group Projects

The Health and Wellness Priority Group has completed several projects designed to increase the awareness of local seniors about opportunities available for aging in a healthy manner as well as to encourage involvement in local projects.




First Self directed volunteer team

The first Self Directed Volunteer Team (SDVT) team developed and implemented a survey asking about barriers to walking in Larimer County.  Over 300 survey responses were received.




second sdvt

Next, in collaboration with Colorado AARP and the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute (WALC),  a SDVT held a walking audit in downtown Loveland, Colorado - assessing for ease of walking, accessibility and safety.

We have published the final report online.

                     Locations of Survey Respondents

                     Locations of Survey Respondents

                         Walkability Audit in Loveland

                         Walkability Audit in Loveland

Look for the Dementia Friendly Communities logo about town.

Look for the Dementia Friendly Communities logo about town.



This team was a partner in launching the Dementia Friendly Communities initiative. This non-profit is now operating on its own. To learn more about their work, here is a link to their website.


PROJECTS for 2017

Fourth  SDVT

Senior Access Points, completed a survey to assess the public’s awareness about programs and supports available for aging individuals and their families. The team will be building outreach strategies to reach isolated seniors and ensure that everyone in the county has the information they need to locate health and community resources before a crisis hits.

Collaborators for the Senior Access Points project  

Collaborators for the Senior Access Points project



Make Larimer County more walkable, bikable and safe. Learn to use MapNoCo to highlight areas of improvement for walking and biking in Larimer County.


The Department of Health and Environment has developed website called It is a user-friendly site that everyone can use and collect data. This tool has surveys for walking audits, information on public transportation, bus routes, biking. All of the information collected shows up on maps. The data entered is available for download by anyone. Populations and neighborhoods can advocate for themselves. This team will:

1. Performed one audit as a team and other audits individually. Team members entered the results in the data collection website

2. At a wrap-up meeting the team provide feedback on user-friendliness to the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment.

 3. The team will recommend promotional ideas to the PAFC Communications Committee.



As part of our commitment to our county and to the National Network of Age-Friendly Communities, we have submitted our new Age-Friendly plan to AARP. We are now recruiting volunteer teams to help design and implement new projects from that plan.  Those projects are described here.