Housing Priority Group Projects

To date the Housing Priority Group has completed a number of projects to begin to address senior housing issues in Larimer County. Several were implemented with the help of self-directed volunteer teams and several projects are still ongoing.  By fall of 2017 additional  projects will be started and new volunteer teams will be organized to help see them to completion. The following list provides  a summary of projects the group has  initiated.

Larimer County Housing Report

Larimer County Housing Report

projects completed 2014-2016

  • Commissioned Larimer County Housing Study :  Countywide Senior Housing scan from the present to 2040.  learn more...
  • Formed a Self-Directed Volunteer Team to study innovative housing options for seniors.  Learn more...  
  • Held a full day charette with planners, developers, architects and consumers to discuss how to expand age-friendly design in housing for Larimer County.  Facilitated by the CSU Institute for the Built Environment.

Projects in progress

  • A SDVT is working to develop a Shared Housing program and will launch a pilot with Neighbor to Neighbor in 2017 or 2018.  Neighbor to Neighbor will eventually take over this program.
  • Working with the CSU Institute for the Built Environment to develop an age-friendly certification along the lines of LEED for new and renovated construction.  SAPGA (Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging) has recommended to the Legislature that they support this effort.
  • Exploring a local partnership with A Little Help, a Denver-based non-profit that helps neighborhoods coordinate and deliver essential services to allow seniors to successfully remain in their homes. Any decision to pursue this further will require assistance from a new SDVT.
Signs of rural neighborhood on Stove Prairie Road.

Signs of rural neighborhood on Stove Prairie Road.

New Projects

As part of our commitment to the National Network of Age-Friendly Communities, we are in the process of submitting our new Age-Friendly plan to AARP. Once that has been approved, we will begin recruiting volunteer teams to help design and implement new projects from that plan.  Those projects will be posted here.  Stay tuned.