Culture of Aging Priority Group Projects

The Culture of Aging Priority Group has completed several projects designed to raise the visibility of local seniors and to  highlight their needs, interests, and experiences.

 Candidates Forum October 2016

Candidates Forum October 2016

Completed projects

Candidate forums:

Formed Self-Directed Volunteer teams to hold  candidate forums in advance of 2012, 2014 and 2016 elections of state and county officials. The purpose was to ask candidates to address issues that would specifically impact Larimer County seniors..

Local and state candidates participated.

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Ongoing Projects

Graceful Aging Blog:

Formed a SDVT of local writers who write monthly columns for the Fort Collins Coloradoan on experiences of aging.  These articles were also collected in a booklet and published as a blog. You can find the series on our blog page. Budding writers interested in sharing part of their story can email our editor Barbara Fleming.

Volunteer recruitment and training:

Formed a SDVT to work on volunteer recruitment and training.  This team is focusing on developing the Self-Directe d Volunteer team model in Larimer County.  


Circle of Care is a program where volunteers help socially-isolated older adults to get out and see free music and arts events. Older adults now isolated would live more fulfilled lives, and those touched by them would benefit from their presence, their input, and influence. This team plans to do an assessment and recommendation to the Culture of Aging priority group regarding the Circle of Care, Boulder program, and the possibility of bringing it to Larimer County/NoCO.


 Carl Wilmsen, retired professor turned sculptor.

Carl Wilmsen, retired professor turned sculptor.


As part of our commitment to our county and to the National Network of Age-Friendly Communities, we have submitted our new Age-Friendly plan to AARP. We are now recruiting volunteer teams to help design and implement new projects from that plan.  Those projects are described here.