Project:  Use of Technology



Problem to be solved:

  • Older adults tend to utilize technology less than the rest of the population. At the same time the need for and reliance on technology in our society is increasing. This project intends to increase our senior population’s ability to successfully utilize technology. 

How will successful resolution affect the local community?

  • Having a more well-connected and technologically-competent senior population will allow seniors to feel better connected with community resources and better able to access services.

What will be acceptable outcomes for the team in addressing the problem?

  • Develop an overall picture of existing local/national/online resources and services related to technology assistance for seniors.
  • Specific recommendations for an ongoing program that would serve as the basis for funding requests by individuals or groups.
  • Recommendations for a program that will address seniors’ ability to utilize their own and/or public devices and therefore access resources and services they need.

What volunteer qualifications are needed?

  • An interest in finding ways to improve senior access to computers and mobile devices.
  • An understanding of the technology challenges confronted by seniors.
  • An ability to do online research into how other communities are attempting to address the technology problem and/or to help with a survey of local seniors to identify barriers to the use of technology.
  • A willingness to work as part of  a team to pull together information and develop practical recommendations for a local program to improve senior access to information and resources via digital technology.

Training and Support: 

This team will be supported by the PAFC priority committee working on the Culture of Aging issues. A member of the priority group will serve as liaison between the team and the PAFC.  The priority group provides oversight, counsel, support, and resources needed to plan and produce the event. Once the team is established there will be an initial training that covers project expectations and team process. A volunteer coordinator will be available throughout the project to address issues rising within the team itself. 

We have posted a tentative action plan for this and other projects. If you are interested in volunteering for this or any of our new projects or if you simply want more information, visit our volunteer page.