Project: Senior Access Points 

The Senior Access Points team is in the process of developing a website ( for Larimer County seniors and their families. The goal of the website is to provide guidance, support and easy-to-access information for individuals looking for aging-related community resources for themselves and their loved ones, so that people have access to information about services and assistance available before a crisis hits.

There are many well-developed websites that offer aging-related resources in Larimer County. The intention is NOT to create a new list or database, instead to build a site that pulls together existing resource guides, websites, and databases for the county, by geographic area, and for special populations. The website will include information on how to get started in searching for aging-related resources, how to do searches on existing databases, key “no wrong door” resources, and local senior resource center information. The outcome of this project will be a ready-to-use website made available for Larimer County. This team offers the opportunity for community members to provide their input. The key tasks will include:

  1. Advise on existing content.
  2. Review for ease of use and accessibility.
  3. Advise on new content.
  4. Spot check and updates.
  5. Compile and make recommendations for new content based upon community feedback.

The website will be managed by CSU Extension for ongoing maintenance.

If you are interested in volunteering for this or any of our new projects or if you simply want more information, visit our volunteer page or contact us at