What is an age-friendly Community?

A livable community is a great place to grow up and grow old. A livable community encourages the integration of community development, infrastructure development and services. Its leaders recognize the needs and preferences of older adults and ensure that the community provides affordable and appropriate housing opportunities, adequate transportation and mobility options, and supportive community features and services.  And a livable community values people throughout their lifespan, supports individuals’ personal independence while recognizing their interdependence, and facilitates their engagement in civic and social life.

Age-Friendly communities have several distinguishing characteristics:

  • Quality housing: A variety of options that are accessible, affordable, and adaptable.
  • Mobility options: Multiple safe and accessible alternatives for getting from one place to another.
  • High levels of social engagement and activity: Services, retail and green spaces within walking distance of housing, creating destination spots and opportunities for healthy lifestyles and social interaction.
  • Easy access to information and resources: Readily available and easily navigable information about services and activities, and resources for taking utilizing them.
  • Active community Involvement: Opportunities for social engagement, employment and volunteer and civic participation.
  • Respect and social inclusion: Positive community attitudes about people of all ages (i.e., recognizing the valuable roles that people across their lifespan can play in society).

PAFC takes action through four priority groups, each focusing on an area that promotes livable communities. These priority groups communicate and collaborate across Larimer County using grassroots Self Directed Volunteer Teams (SDVT) to accomplish specific objectives. 

The four priority groups and their goals are:


To positively impact the attitudes, values and behaviors in Larimer County with regard to aging.


√ Health and Wellness

To ensure that Larimer County residents of middle age and beyond enjoy optimal emotional, physical and spiritual health.

√ Housing

To promote housing options that provide seniors with a variety of housing choices sufficient to meet their individual needs.

Mobility and access

To ensure that all older residents in Larimer County have access to key services and quality of life opportunities.