and volunteer with a self directed volunteer team

On August 22, 2014, PAFC started its first four Self Directed Volunteer Teams (SDVT). This model of volunteering is integral to the workings of PAFC. By using mostly older adult volunteers who have the time and skills to work as a team to solve specific problems, SDVT are the work horses of PAFC.  They also offer volunteers a chance to make a real impact without committing themselves for long periods of time.  PAFC plans to continue to utilize this volunteer model for creating change toward promoting Age-Friendly communities in Larimer County.

a pafc Self Directed volunteer team is:

a multi-skilled group of volunteers who share responsibilities. assigned to address a challenge or opportunity in their community. formed for a specific purpose and time period. decides how to accomplish its own project. builds on the varied skills, interests and expertise of its members. accepts responsibility for providing regular progress notes to its priority group. provided the necessary tools, resources, connections and counsel by it priority group.

a pafc Self Directed volunteer team is not:

an advisory board. an ongoing committee. provided specific instructions on how to accomplish its project. assigned routine work by PAFC. directly supervised by PAFC.

PAFC uses the volunteer resources of Volunteers of America

through their SeniorCorps-RSVP program. VOA is one of our partners, and we collect your team hours for the program. We encourage you, if you are 55 or older, to become a member of SeniorCorps. There is no cost and it is easy to apply with this link:

We have posted a simple list of all PAFC projects and their current status.


Health and Wellness

Mobility and Access


Culture of Aging

If you are interested in volunteering for any upcoming Self Directed Volunteer Teams, please fill out our Volunteer Inquiry form and our volunteer coordinator will contact you


you can contact us for more information.